Thomas MacGregor wanders the city looking for faces, dogs, occupations and activity. looking for strategic images that tell a story with a brief and concise argument. He is not so much interested in representing the real personality of the individual nor in the cliche of the ‘picturesque’ (in a country different from his own).

His thickly laid brushstrokes upon watery shadows give us the academic style in figurative or pictorial tradition, however, his contemporary vision combined with the attitude and posturing of figures as well as the elements incorporated by the artist himself bring us to a realism that does not reflect reality but analyses it? A neorealism?

Photography for him is a tool, an album of sketches that don’t provide him with a theme but instead give him indications about the theme he wants to paint.

The result shows us the mythical aspect of the everyday life, an ironic glance and analytical observation. A characterized or Abstract Realism bringing us a mature and entertaining work.

(translated from spanish)

Alejandra Dorado, Caja Verde, Cochabamba, Bolivia.